Denys Defrancesco

Denys Defrancesco

Because I've been the founder and CEO of this fabulous website for 10 years, I'm super excited to see it all come together. I love building things that people use and get value from. And I want you to push us, push us, push us to keep making this better!

Tell me your dream, and I will record it for you!

Starts Today, Its Easy, its DDF Fabulous!

You will get real vip treatment

You will receive the series before anyone else, delivered by DHL!

  • You will receive your photo and video series a + "behind the scenes" on a DVD or USB key.
  • You will be able to watch the photo and video shoot LIVE over webcam!
  • You will receive the lingerie worn by the model
  • You will receive the Sex Toy* useb by your model during the series(*if you send us the toy previously)
  • And of course a signed picture of your model, chosen by her!
  • Bonus access to for 1 month.